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Making a PPI Claim Yourself

If it comes to a point where a PPI insurance policy is needed, then it might be that you are thinking about making a PPI claim yourself, rather than using an agent to do the hard work for you. There are pros and cons of using agents, but there are also pros of making a PPI claim yourself, both of which are worth investigating before getting started.


One of the first things to consider when it comes to making a PPI claim yourself is what exactly you will have to gain. Generally, the only gain that the individual will get, if they are successful, is the fact that they will not actually have to pay the agents commission, which can be as much as 25%.

That being said, there are certainly many reasons why making a PPI claim yourself is not going to be a good option. Making a PPI claim yourself is going to be a long winded process, much longer than if an agent was used. Agents know the ins and outs of the process so can get straight to the point extremely quickly.

Making a claims can be complicated

The reality is that making a DIY PPI claim yourself might be a lot more complicated than you at first imagined. The procedure involves lots of phone calls, not to mention filling out lots of forms. Agents also tend to be able to fast track the process, simply because they have years of experience when it comes to dealing with these claims.

Before making a PPI claim yourself, consider the options that have been made available. It is certainly worth considering an agent, or at least speaking to one before dealing with the PPI process on your own. If anything, they may be able to offer some basic advice when it comes to processing a claim.





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