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Workplace accidents

If you have suffered an injury in an accident during the course of your work whether it be at a fixed workplace or elsewhere, you may have a valid claim against the person/people responsible/your employer.

If any of the following contributed to the accident then you may well have a valid claim: defective equipment or machinery, inadequate training in the use of machinery, lifting heavy objects, using dangerous machinery, faulty, damaged or slippery flooring, careless acts by other workers or employees causing an accident, or a lack of safety clothing and equipment...

Every emloyer is required by law to have Employer Liability Insurance. This means that the insurance company will deal with your compensation claim for injury and losses, including loss of earnings. Of course they will try to evade responsibility to avoid paying out so it's important that you get a good injury/accident lawyer to help you with your claim. Even if your accident hasn't caused you to take time off work, you can still claim accident compensation for any physical pain and suffering caused by the injury.





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