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Claims 4 U - accident and PPI claims made simple

Thousands of people in the UK have made PPI claims where people have been missold payment protection insurance. If you have been sold PPI in the last 10 years you too could be entitled to make a claim for a PPI refund.

Find Out if U have a Valid PPI Claim PPI was missold if one of a number of different criteria applied. For instance if you were told that PPI was obligatory when you took out a loan or if the repayment figures you were quoted automatically included PPI premiums then you may have a claim.



DIY PPI Claims are Simple

If your claim is valid then most financial providers will pay out with minimum fuss. Most providers succesfully process your claim within 8 weeks and if you are due a payout they will make payment within 28 days. So in just 3 or 4 months time you could have the money in your bank account!

Call us now to initiate the claims process or to find out the likelihood of whether you have a valid claim.

PPI claims 4 u

Banks want to impose a deadline, so if you are entitled to a refund make sure you claim now. At present there are no PPI claim time limits, but the sooner you claim the sooner you get the money you are entitled to.

Accident claims 4 u

If you have had an accident that is not your fault then you may be able to claim damages or compensation for the injuries that you received. make sure that you apply as soon as possible for a confidential consultation to see if you may have a valid claim.



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